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While it does not seem like it with Covid all around us the countdown to Christmas has started and it is only 10 weeks away!

While many of us rush around thinking what to get that awkward relative our pets are always near the top of our list! So if you decide to treat them to a new collar, toy, or pet present so they can celebrate the whole Christmas experience with you. Charlotte’s Animal Services should definitely be top of your list to check out when looking for that gift. I offer a range of Luxury present options for different pets and can also build bespoke presents to meet your pet’s needs.

You might have met Charlotte as she started her business Charlotte’s Animal Services offering pet boarding and a range of animal care services for small animals including Chickens.

May this year saw the official launch of Pet Presents; Charlotte always gives her pets a special present on Christmas day; the dogs have their own stocking full of goodies! This tradition has been extended to those boarders staying over the Christmas Period receiving a present on Christmas Day.

While there are so many products to choose from I care about the environment, farming and food production so you will see this ethos in the products selected for the range I offer. Whether it’s environmentally friendly poo bags, to locally produced treats including doggy pop corn! Most of the brands are UK based as I believe in supporting other local business. The range is always developing and collaborations with other businesses have seen handmade dog advent calendars added to the Christmas range this year.

I also stock a range or activity, training, boredom, and birthday boxes options so there is something for everyone all year round. So head over to my website or contact Charlotte for all your pet needs because ‘pets are part of the family so should be able to enjoy the celebration too!’

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