January is walk your dog month

I did not know ever until doing some research for some other work, but then I started thinking about it more seen as we have just entered lockdown number three not how many of us planned to start 2021.

Many pet owners do not walk their dogs as much as they like as working life gets in the way meaning we become reliant on dog walkers as our work life balance is not what we want it to be. There is nothing wrong with using a dog walker and I would be out of a job without a need! It is also a great experience for dogs to experience different walks a great enrichment and often play and socialise. It just it got me thinking as I want to try exploring more local new walks this year and not always do the favourite walks. That you too could experience more walks in January with your dog.

The number one excuse for not walking dogs is been too busy while we are in the first lockdown of this year and our third COVID-19 lockdown lets change this. While many people have experienced the joys of walking again or started walking for the first time in lockdown. I set you a challenge to walk this lockdown yes, it is great exercise, good for your physical health and mental wellbeing, it also helps to develop the bond between you and your dog. How you decide to walk is up to you! whether you plan to walk your favourite walk, do an extra-long weekend walk, an extra walk in your lunch break, a family time walk or explore a new walk, the main thing is to get walking and it is not about the number of walks.

When thinking about it walk your dog month been in January is fitting as many people set new years resolutions and start off on the fitness and diet programmes so why not include dog walking. I myself have never been a fan of new years resolutions and while I like to set myself things, I like to think how I can better myself to be a better person in personal life or career based. The key to success is having something you want to do so it is achievable. The most successful resolutions/challenges are those that become part of your life through routine so do not reinvent yourself or try to be someone different embrace who you are. While you might not like walking and the winter weather is upon us know there is not the distractions of going out for weekend breakfasts, visit and social at friends the walk January walk your dog month may be something to try fill that time and you never know that long weekend walk might become part of your new routine.

Remember you do not have to have a dog but stay local while walking and remember space. Stay safe everyone and happy walking.

If you decide to join in, I would love to hear your stories you can share them with me at you never know it might become part of our next blog!

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